July 29, 2015

Dear Rivington

Today was one of those wonderfully New York days where you are transported into different worlds all within our 13 mile island. The day began with a swim and followed by a stop into the office for meetings. I took an extra minute to stare out of my window and allow myself to be sucked into to the magic of the city. A perk to working in the Empire State building, no doubt.

It was a really productive day where conceptualizing ideas for campaigns, events and partnerships felt like I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing. I pop out for drinks with some new friends and on my way come across this incredible store on Great Jones Street. 

Dear Rivington is a visual representation of what I always imagined my life to be like. It's smart, well traveled, stylish, minimal, untraditionally feminine in a corky time traveler sense, open, beautiful and welcoming. I was in awe.

So I walked around the store, touching things, exploring and the shop owner walked up to me. I sort of braced myself for a snooty attitude and an exasperated "can I help you?" but, instead was met with a very friendly yet reserved hello. I told him I was overwhelmed by the utter cool of the store and asked if I could take pictures. He said of course and let me have my little girl in momma's closet moment. Touching everything, trying things on and snapping photo after photo.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, his beautiful doggy comes out and walks right up to me for some love. Ahh! The store is filled with Commes des Garcons esque designers, private label Dear Rivington pieces and lots of vintage. There are many plus friendly options including my one true love, sack dresses, oversized sweaters, coats etc.

I wrapped up my day with a little Rose' with my friends at DNA, great conversations about design, architecture, branding, PR, relationships, art, business, personal motivation. Incredible. What a day!

Photos by me::iPhone

Currently Coveting

July 27, 2015

Water Color Florals

midi skirt
Funny...when you need a cab, you can never find one.

midi skirt
 Top c/o Lafayette 148 (similar here) | Skirt c/o ASOS Curve (available here)
Bag, Dolce Gabbana (similar here, here and here) | Earrings, Bauble Bar | Shoes, Stuart Weitzman goes to size 12! (similar here)

I floated back into the ladylike space for the day. Honestly for no other reason than that my earrings prompted this outfit. The usual running around, working, grabbing lunch, stopped for pictures, nails, more work. In other news water colors have found a little corner of my heart, I like orangey lipstick with pinky outfits and and I've been sporting this chignon for an entire week with no end in sight.

pink purse

bauble bar, midi skirt, floral

summer hair styles
Photos by Lydia Hudgens

July 24, 2015

Atris Makeup Brushes

Artis Elite collection combines ergonomics with design, function and performance for a cosmetic tool that is easier and more efficient to use. That's what they told me and so I was curious. Now you know, I never claim to be one of those brilliant beauty experts who knows every formulation, can tell you how many hairs is in any given brush etc. etc. etc.

Just a girl that loves playing with makeup and since most days I have on eye liner and lipstick - I love learning about new products, how to use them and exploring what works best for me. The Artis 3 piece collection is available now at net-a-porter but they have a new similar 3 piece brush set that comes with a cleaning pad and brush cleansing spray that will be available on QVC tonight. Celeb fans Kim K. and Sophia Vergara - so there's that...

sophia vergara
Are these brushes easier to use? Umm, yes. So I'm naturally left handed but, my private elementary school switched me. Yes, this is child abuse but I digress...anyway that's left me with kind of an ambidextrious awkward ass approach to holding things. I could use these brushes with both hands really easily. Childhood scars 0, my brows 1.

There's all these high tech reasons they say this works better but here's the skinny. Circle 1 works for lips and concealers. Oval 4 is great for applying shadow, under eye concealer and highlighting brow bones and such. Linear 1 is for lining upper lids, brows yadda yadda. I'm into it.

Side bar - I haven't really be highlighting but then Nars' Tribulation from the upcoming fall collection came into my life and well, consider me high and lighted.

In collaboration with Artis Brushes, all opinions are my own.