February 10, 2016

Bare Legs in Black and White

Pressing my luck with bare legs as we alternate between snow storms and a 50+ degree winter in NYC...

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February 8, 2016

Sephora vs Ricky's

sephora ricky's

Many of my friends rely on me for things like fashion and travel advice but I'll admit, I'm more of a beauty novice. I love makeup and skincare but keeping up with every new product release and formulations isn't really my twist. It takes a village and in my village some of my favorite experts are my friends who seriously blog beauty.

My girl Lara is both beautiful and brilliant! When it comes to what's new in beauty, she knows just about everything. I mostly shop Sephora so I wanted to pop in to see what's new and do a little comparison shopping at Ricky's - a store that I frequent far less!

February 1, 2016

Travel Vlog - San Francisco, The Mission

I'm so pumped to announce the start of my newly relaunched YouTube channel. I dabbled a little in video making when I first started blogging but kind of left it by the wayside and haven't made a video in about 3 years! In expanding my content and sharing the things that interest me most with you guys, I decided it was time to get back at it. Also, it's SO much fun.

So, here we go! Kicking off the start of the new channel (subscribe here!) with a video I shot in San Francisco. I was traveling for work with my darling photog Lydia Hudgens who used to live in San Fran. We did a little exploring in her old neighborhood, The Mission and boom - awesome day! 

New videos will be uploaded every week and I will feature all of the fun stuff I cover here - style, travel, beauty and much more. Check the latest out below, make sure to "like" it if ya like it and subscribe!