May 12, 2010

Why Fatshion Insider...?

A bit of an intro if you will...

I've been working in fashion & entertainment for nearly 10 years and as a plus size, African American female you can guess that my journey has at times been quite interesting.

Having worked with fashion brands & retailers both plus and straight size, I've had the chance to see the industry change quite dramatically over the last few years and it's exciting! As a publicist I've worked with magazines including InStyle, Glamour, O the Oprah Magazine and many others but I'd really love to see more than one "curvy girl" outfit on 300+ pages.

My goal is to share some of my adventures, fashion that I love and where to find it...There's SO much more fashion available for sizes 10 and larger these days (no excuse for boxy tees and pleated khakis). I'll begin posting in the next few days - Follow me :)

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