July 7, 2010

I really do *heart* Ronson

I've been a very naughty girl...I've become addicted to updating via Facebook. Sorry blogspot heh. Well it's been a while but I had such a fun experience on a very random and unexpected trip to JCPenney that I needed a little more room to express myself than Facebook allows.

So here goes...my good friend and stylist Meeka Johnson is great for hipping me to stores I either have never checked out or wouldn't give a chance. Case in point...JCPenney. I'd never go in there, no offense just not my speed, or so I thought. She popped up with bags FULL of really cool clothes from the mega retailer that I would have never ever...ever guessed came from "Penney's" as we call it. Meeka is a 5'9 curvy girl but not exactly plus size but she encouraged me to check out JCPenney's I Heart Ronson, Bisou Bisou, She Said... and others. They aren't plus brands but I found a few really cute things that fit and are super cute! My little sis came along for the ride and found a great fushia rumper and harem pants on the clearance rack. Love it! I'll post pics of me in some of the outfits soon.

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