October 29, 2010

OOTD: Bad Kitty!

Pre-Halloween party I attended was beyond fun. My costume was challenging because the party I went to is one where you dance, a lot...so being comfortable and having a non-cumbersome costume that won't fall apart when you twirl around 100 times in a row is key. Here's what I wore: Layered tank/sleeveless cardigan, tights that lace up the sides, and my Tess by Barefoot Tess "Japanese" boots. Added to that are kitty ears, a bell around my neck which I pulled off a studded collar and put onto a leather choker, fingerless faux leather studded gloves and of course no Bad Kitty is completed without a pink and black whip. I of course did a terrible job at remember to take pics before the party and sweaty post dancing makeup madness. But here's a little something. I'll do better next time, PROMISE!

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