November 28, 2010

Holiday Dresses (part deux)

Now that Thanksgiving has past you can take off your elastic waist pants and get gorgeous. This is just a simple round up of holiday dresses that I like which are separated into the following categories: One Shoulder, Bodycon, Sequined and Nude.

One shoulder dresses are sexy and sassy...if you are busty a good supportive strapless or convertible bra is crucial.

1. Asos 2. 3. Asos

Crazy, sexy, cool...I LOOOOVE Bodycon. Great shapewear never hurt anybody either! Cropped leather or blazers work great with these or wear it solo either way, the look is hot.

1. City Chic 2. Asos 3. Bloomingdale's or Saks

My inner rocker chic has made herself known in a major way this year. Cool sequins are the way to go. Stay clear of anything that Miss America would wear (yeck!)

1. Bloomingdale's 2. Bloomingdale's 3.

Most of us tend to flock to little black dresses but I thought these nude colored frocks where also pretty cool and also very chic.

1. Bloomingdale's 2. 3. Torrid

Here's a wildcard. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WEAR FOR NEW YEAR'S! *dead* I love it - Asos

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