November 16, 2010

rings n'...well ok just rings

Last night at dinner with a friend I threw on a ring I got in Paris at a street fair. I've had it for nearly a year and have worn it only twice which prompted two thoughts. 1. I have so much stuff that I never wear and I need to do a better job of rotating my wardrobe and 2. I LOVE rings. Rings were sort of my "thing" and I've kind of strayed away from that. I decided to feature a few of my favs. Check em' out.

1. Vintage 2. Vintage 3. Street Fair in Paris 4. Off Saks Fifth Avenue 5. Gift from one of my favorite PR girls Sevan

1. Grandma's Ring 2. Lee Angel 3. Lohman's in LA 4. Ashley Stewart (I know right!)

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