February 18, 2011

GAUDY never looked so GOOD

I sort of half assed it through most of fashion week because I'm just now off crutches and honestly, standing around for hours isn't really tops on my "I can't wait!" list...but there were a few things I refused to miss. Amongst them...Indashio's FW11 Show.

If you haven't heard of him, you soon will. Indashio is a stylist, TV Personality and genuinely one of the nicest people in fashion. We met a few years back when I was putting together the Nolcha Fashion Week Shows and his over the top FUN personality won me over instantly. He's dressed Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Amber Rose and many others.

Anyhoo...I went down to the show early to check out the Style360 set up at the Metropolitan Pavilion and get some back stage scoop and shots. As I'm waiting on line (they aren't letting press in yet), Indashio strolls up to the door in a trench coat that made him look like he either had a lots of acid in his pockets or a bunch of skittles...or both! (Taste the rainbow - mmm).

He sees me standing on the line, gives a warm hug and yells at security to "Let Kellie in, she's cold!". Skipping the line was def great as I was wearing a leather jacket and was in fact FREEZING.

The collection is called "GAUDY" and it was just that in the best possible way. It was flashy and "look at me" and cool. Inspiration: Liberace and Trident's new gum Trident Vitality.

Never without a cast of merry characters, this shows casting was really incredible. Johnny Wier, Aubrey O'Day, Keenya from cycle 4 of America's Next Top model...all added flavor on the runway. Front row included Denise Richards, Adrienne Ballion, Kat De Luna, and one of my biggest model crushes Omahyra Mota.

P.S. love the thickness in some of the models! I'm not one of those gals that are against rail thin models, they serve a purpose but I think there should be a balance and there was plenty of hips in this show.

Outfit details: Faux Leather/Knit mixed jacket: Vintage, Body Con dress: Torrid, Tights: INC., Boots: BlowFish, Necklace:Vintage, Python/Gold earrings:Wendy Nichol

NOTE: I completely forgot I didn't snap full pics of myself until I got home so there's one so-so pic in my room. Oh Well.
Photo Credits:Elle.com, Indashio, Moi
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