June 24, 2011

Cross My Heart and Hope to TIE

I went home (Philly) a few weeks ago to hang with my fam and to celebrate Father's day a little early since I had a wedding on Father's Day weekend. As always family time is nothing short of a blast, I have one of those made for TV families...not the Jerry Springer type but closer to the Cosby's. We actually like each other and enjoy spending time which is really fantastic.

You always hear Father's Day dread stories of Dad getting some terrible tie and smiling kindly and wearing it for the kids. This Father's Day was a bit different. My dad recently lost some weight and was cleaning out his closet and playing dress up (so sweet). Fast forward, the next morning I'm hanging out in my parents room and see a Yves Saint Laurent tie in a pile of "throw away clothes". First thought "SCORE!!!", second thought...hmm is my sister going to fight me fore it?

I take the tie into the bathroom as I was getting dressed and when I come out of the shower it's GONE! Yep, she took it. (Ok...don't panic, you can get the tie back).

ME: "Oh Karla, did you take my tie?"

Sister: "YES! It's Daddy's you can't take it"

I call my father and ask if i can have it, to which he answers "Yeah sure, I was going to throw it away...it's out of style, from the 70's".

SCORE! - I think it worked pretty well with the outfit I'd already planned on wearing.

DEETS: Tie - YSL, Top - ASOS, Shorts - Old Navy, Sandals - Antia, Shades - Gucci, Bag - Louis Vuitton Never Full

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