August 1, 2011

*singing* "We wear short shorts..."

And by "we", I mean chubby chicks! I usually wear dresses all summer long but I've been having a lot of fun with shorts lately. It all started with a pair of gray denim shorts last summer...I picked them up and just kept wearing them so this summer I made a point to more consciously wear separates. I'm not the kind of person who says "I never" wear a thing so it's not that I wouldn't wear shorts, it was just more I'm obsessed with dresses and rarely gave anything else a chance. Plus - it's hot as HELL in NYC in summer sooo, yaknow.

Anyhoo. I snagged these floral print shorts over the winter from Torrid. I featured them on a previous blog post where I layered them over tights and had on a cardigan etc. This time, it's 90 degrees out at 10pm so the ruffle halter was more appropriate.

Some friends and I were on our way to a party in NJ so after hoping off the PATH and while waiting for a ride I had an impromptu photo shoot with my fav photographer.

DEETS: Top-Lane Bryant (circa MANY MOONS AGO), Shorts-Torrid, Flower-Nordstrom Rack

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