September 20, 2011

"New Girl"

I loooove Zoe Dechanel. I was looking forward to her new FOX show "New Girl" and it was actually pretty funny. Premise is, she's an odd ball chick who finds her boyfriend in bed with another girl and ends up finding three male roommates online to share an apt with. Within episode one they realize she's a bit of a maniac (watching "Dirty Dancing" five times a day, crying etc), get her out to get back on the dating horse, she's stood up...then they bond over rescuing her from the embarrassment of being stood up.

Anyhoo Zoe is a style icon and rightfully so. Though her style isn't really the same as mine, I love her aesthetic and point of view as it relates to fashion. She marries whimsy and cool like no other. It's like June Cleaver is transplanted to the East Village in the late 70's smokes some weed and decided to add a thin patent belt and punky heels to her dresses. Or...something, ha. Asos has a bunch of very Zoe-esque fabness for under $100. Here it is.

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