September 9, 2011

Popping in on some Pop-Ups - FNO

As much of the world knows, last night was Fashion's Night Out. Though I was leaning toward reading about the evenings madness on my Twitter timeline, one of my good friends is in town from Miami and I decided not to be anti-social. So we headed out.

The night began and ended with lots and lots of traffic. We were headed to a VEVO event, then noticed that we mistook the event address for the after party address after letting the cab go. We ended up having to walk to the event...grabbing a slice on the way (starving!)

As irony would have it after woofing down a slightly gross slice, we arrive at Vevo only to learn it's a sit down dinner with a pretty fabulous looking menu, Robin Thicke is to perform. Etc. Etc.

Instead of wasting time at a dinner for which we weren't hungry, we left and joined the mayhem that was the Meat Packing District.

Here's what I wore...easy, comfortable. What I loved most is my "newish" Rebecca Minkoff hot pink snake skin printed bag. Complete with delicious gold chain shoulder strap and hardware *swoon*. I say "newish" because I got it this summer and just started using it last week at a dinner with friends. You will be seeing this bag a lot, ob-sessed. I have another Rebecca Minkoff bag which I rarely wear I don't know what my problem is but I'm practicing a new habit of wearing my things not just staring at them prettily arranged in my closet.

And so we ran around popping in and out of pop-ups and boutiques. A few standouts: The Tracy Reese store was hilarious. People "booty dancing" in the store windows, music blaring and inside, kind of like a bizarre nightclub. After surfing through the hair flailing and grinding couples, I spotted a really cute cape (see above) which made me smile (see above). Note: the chick on the blackberry is my friend Franny who...was getting her work/party combo on.

Another good time had was at Elizabeth Charles, a fab high-end boutique featuring all Australian designers. She was a client of mine about (mumble) years ago. I launched the original store location on Perry Street when she was bringing major brands like Sass & Bide to the US. So great to see her, stop by there if you want exclusive designer finds from the land of down under.

We ended up at Calypso and Catherine Malandrino...but CM was closed so sad, the party we actually went down there for. Still a good time, bumped into the lovely Lauren Ruotolo from Hearst and her boo snapped some cool pics for me, I hope to see them soon! The END- ha.
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