October 2, 2011

Quick Pics

This weekend was one of those utterly amazing action packed weekends that goes down in the books. It began with a surprise party for my mom and sister in Philly, then a pretty cool hotel...followed by brunch.

Mad dash back to the city for some much needed rest. Then up for Sunday brunch with two of my besties who now live in Miami and LA. Got to meet yet another perfect and adorable baby...that's the hard part of when friends move far away. You miss some pretty major stuff. Then a little shopping followed by a movie with the best movie date in the history of the world. We saw The Debt with Helen Mirren. Pretty hardcore theme but wonderfully written, directed and acted.

Here are a few flicks of what I wore Sunday. This outfit is definitely a testament to my motto: "I shop everywhere". There are stores that I don't care for or that generally don't have things that I want but I always pop in once in a while to make sure there isn't some magic that I need in my life. Example 1: this leatherette jacket is from Lane Bryant. That's not really my speed but the jacket is amaze and someone will need to pry off my body! Example 2: I've been looking for a neon tank everywhere and where do I find the PERFECT one? K-Mart! I know, I died too...but seriously that LYS line is full of amaaaaaaze stuff. It's crazy cheap too so, grab it.

DEETS: Jacket- Lane Bryant, Neon Tank- LYS, Jeans- 125th St, Sneakers- Converse Outlet in PA, Necklace- Off Saks, Bag- Rebecca Minkoff, Lips- Nars/DareDevil lipstain
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