November 12, 2011

New Stuff

I probably shop a teeny tiny bit too much but isn't it all of our civic duty to stimulate the economy. I'm a patriot dammit. You're welcome!

I got this sweater courtesy of Simply Be and it's quite possibly my new favorite sweater. It's chunky, has billowy sleeves (how the heck they did that to a sweater I don't know but, LOVE) and awkwardly placed hearts all over it.

I'm admittedly a bag snob, but I'm working on reforming some of my ridiculous behavior as it relates to handbags. I've opened my mind and my heart to owning more than just uber fab designer bags. It began this summer with a little canvas bag that I got from H&M that I loved and wouldn't put down and now this bag which I scored from Urban Outfitters. I love the contrast of the floral pattern with black leather and edgy hardware.

Cheap little H&M find. Nothing super special but I really liked the shape and it will look great with many of my fall pieces.

This dress is a bit outside of my current vibe but it has a great shape and I couldn't resist the sheer/lace details. It's part of my 1st Simply Be order. I may do a dedicated post to show the pieces I got...stay tuned.

Ahhh what the hell, I'll just show you a few pieces here. This belt also from Simply Be. I can see myself throwing this on top of everything.

Another Simply Be piece. This one surprised me. Better than expected. PS all of the things shown are new and should be online and in-stores so if you want, go get.

Black patent leather little case and printed little case from H&M. I'm using the black to store my lipsticks in my larger makeup bag so that they are more accessible and I'm not digging in the bag messing things up. The smaller printed back I'm using as my portable makeup bag, just tossed my old one out.

Kellie B.
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