December 26, 2011

Casual Christmas

There's nothing like a visit home for the holidays. Christmas this year was hosted at my parents house for my family. I woke up super early to help my Mummy cook. It was great sharing the day with her in that way. It does involve a lot of running downstairs to the family room fridge where she stores all of the "big stuff" but I was happy to do it.

Grandma, aunties, uncles, was all great fun. My family doesn't really do a full out glam Christmas, or any holiday really. We are all super tight and see each other often so I guess it's no reason to pull out our cocktail dresses and such haha.

My grandmother was wearing a fabulous sequined sweater with a sheer insert and mink hat. Her fashion sensibility is everything. So glamourous always.

Bonus: My dad comes outside with me to take a few flicks and my neighbor comes running out of the door with a giant pro Nikon and offered to do it for me. That cemented the fact that I need a camera upgrade in a major way.

Here's what I'm wearing:
Oversized sequined trim jacket - ASOS (always shop their straight sizes this is a 14 and fits)
Ripped Jeans - Avenue
Suede Pumps - Barefoot Tess
Gold Hoops - Jewelry store
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