January 12, 2012

Business Casual

I really love my job. It's not only incredible to work in a creative field where I'm able to utilize my gifts and passions in order to make a living but it's also fantastic that a leopard blazer and ripped jeans are a totally appropriate meeting outfit. (HA!)

It was definitely and interesting journey getting here. I grew up wanting to be a writer. My parents would submit my short stories to our neighborhood news paper and I was always at some journalism camp. It of course ended up being my major in college. I then thought I may want to be a broadcaster. 

My passion for music then lead me to writing a lot of party reviews of club nights which lead me to actually promoting parties and creating my own events. Some pressure to "conform" and get a "normal job" lead me to moving to NYC to work on Wall Street and I hated it. I loved my boss who I'm still friends with to this day but I hated wearing a suit everyday and the lack of creativity in my job.

So after 9/11 I left. I left a (really) well paying job at barely 22 years old to peruse a dream and it paid off. I wanted to work in fashion/entertainment, in pr/marketing and to plan events.  I had a freelance gig, my parents were quietly freaking out and within a few years I was able to parlay that into working as a VP in a major NYC firm and onto having my own company. The journey has been such a blessing and I couldn't be more grateful!! 

The point is follow your passion. It always pays off!


Here's what I'm wearing:
Coat - C/o Z for Zenobia
Blazer - Jessica London (OneStopPlus.com)
Tee - Old Navy
Jeans - Avenue
Boots - BTF
Watch - Burberry
Rings - Bad Girl/Good Girl and a necklace charm that I put on my index finger
Bracelet - Tiffany
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