January 31, 2012

Grin and Bare It

Fashion week is just around the corner and you can count on a great number of fashion segments put on by our favorite style experts, correspondents and the like showing off the hottest trends and undoubtedly telling the one plus size model in the segment who is meant to represent all fat chicks across America, the best ways to "flatter her figure". 
Lately the word "flatter" in these style segments feels much more like it's meant to say hide. I feel sort of torn, the J.Lo's and Kim K's of the world have pushed mainstream media to accept a big bootie girl in a bandage dress and to "appreciate her curves", which is fantastic. However, there are many more body types than the coveted hour glass and they certainly don't all want to wear dark washed, boot cut jeans and a white button down top. 

Oh pish tosh blah blah blaaaah. I hate the political B.S. Wear whatever the hell you want. Wear a freaking Thunder Cats costume for all I care. Here's what I felt like wearing today. The good folks at Fashion to Figure sent me this top. Loves it. It's actually on sale right now if you want one... 

Sorry for rambling, I really did start out with something I felt like talking about and the more I thought about it, the more I thought "Whateverrrr". LOL sorry. I tried.

Here's what I'm wearing:
Sweater - c/o Fashion to Figure
Leggings - Macy's
Shoes - Barefoot Tess

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