January 2, 2012


Can you believe it...2012. When you're a little kid in the 80's you think by 2012 we'd all be riding around in hover crafts like on Back to the Future lol. I had a wonderfully quiet New Year's Eve and on New Year Day had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friend's (Ms. Patty Patty) birthday. We had a blast! Brunch at a new fav spot in Harlem followed by some daytime dancing at Shelter NYC.

I was really excited to wear this T-bags dress that I scored from Off Saks while in Philly over the holiday. I'd been looking at it on Saks.com waiting for it go on sale so when I saw it at Off Saks I of course had to snag it!

I love love looove winter florals...and even winterizing summer florals. The beaded detail at the neck of the dress is amazing and as with all T-bags pieces the finishes are perfection. All of the closures look like jewelry, big beaded clasp closures at the back of the neck, gold buttons on the wrists of a simply cut jersey dress just make it so special.

Here's what I'm wearing:
Gold Puffer Jacket - Lane Bryant
Dress - T-Bags
Leather Leggings - INC.
Studded Flats - Matt Bernson
Gold Hoops - Jewelry Store

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