January 14, 2012

Macaroon Me

Last weekend was like one final farewell to warm weather. Don't get me wrong, if another couple of 50+ degree days were to come our way, I'd be elated! But since last night was face biting cold, I'm guessing those are done. So - I've decided to approach winter in an entirely different way. I'm looking toward spring like a beacon of warm light at the end of a cold dark tunnel! 

I have made a few declarations for myself and fully intend to stick to them. I will NOT hibernate this winter. I will keep my eye on the prize and remain motivated over the next 60-90 freezing days. Going to the gym literally makes me happy, whatever those happy chemicals are totally work on me. So that mustn't be chucked. I will work as hard as I ever have at myself, my job, having fun...we can sleep when we're dead!

So with my eyes tilted toward spring I obvi had to wear something that to me screamed spring 2012. The runways are littered with bright colors, pastels and color blocking is still huge. Though I do have a few darker obsessions (black leather and such) I still looooove color. This outfit reminds me of a stack of delicious macaroons hence the title of this post macaroon me.

Here's what I'm wearing:
Cashmere Sweater - Lafayette 148 via Saks
Silk Skirt - Vintage
Boots -  Nordstrom Rack
Bag - Marc Jacobs Collection

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