January 7, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Remember when you were a little girl and you'd beg your mom to wear your favorite dress on any given day? But, there were so many rules! "No Kell, those are your Sunday clothes..." or "Kellie! You cannot wear your Annie pajamas to dance class" and "You are not riding your bike in your Easter dress!"

When I have a daughter, she will be able to wear whatever she wants all the time...a sparkly tutu for the grocery store? No problem! Anyhoo...I'm a big girl now! (teehee) And I can wear whatever I want all the time.

I got this metallic maxi dress from ASOS Curve as part of their big sale swag and I couldn't wait to wear it and then I thought, why should I? Yeah, it's sort of an evening gown. Yeah, it's metallic. Yeah, it's Saturday afternoon. So what. So FUN! What better place to take my super fun dress on a test drive but for a twirl in the park :)

I paired the dress with my "perfect over everything" denim shirt and metallic cut out oxfords, which you can catch a glimpse of above. Twirling in the park in my new dress, how satisfying!

Here's what I'm wearing:
Denim shirt - One Stop Plus
Metallic Maxi - ASOS Curve
Cut Out Oxfords - BFT
Hoops - Jewelry Store

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