February 27, 2012

Blown Away

I've been having a lot of fun wearing things that in my minds eye live in the "night time" category during the day. To make this great orange dress with sheer beaded cuff sleeves a little more day time friendly I wore actual tights instead of just wearing sheer stockings or going bare legged. Also day clutches are pretty big right now and though totally impractical for walking around all day and hustling to meetings and such, it is fun for a weekend day out that only includes things like brunch and bumming around. I of course chose the windiest day EVER to try to take a few pictures.

Enter...the WIND

Here's what I'm wearing:
Dress - c/o Simply Be
Vest - Thrifted
Leggings - Avenue
Necklace - Nordstrom Rack
Clutch - Helen Kaminski
Booties - Faryl Robin

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  1. I really like how creative you seem to have become recently with your fashion. I LOVE watching your style evolve, and seeing how happy you are with it!

    1. Thanks Purple, I wouldn't say more creative...just more diligent in taking pictures. Before I'd never remember or have time etc so I'd post what I had time to shoot. Now I shoot with more purpose. Thanks for noticing :)

  2. Love this!! Love the colors, the textures, your gorgeous hair... This is a great outfit!!


  3. Your hair is so gorgeous! :)

    Also I am the loving the day clutch, impractical yes, but when I see people using cluthes in the daytime they just look so glamourous.

    I obviously have to get myself over to the simblybe website, haven't looked at them in ages, but from your recents outfits from there they have brought out some really nice things.

  4. OMG... the cuffs on that dress... I die! Amazing! And you look fantastic!


  5. I love how you brought a nighttime outfit into the light of day! I haven't had the confidence to try it yet, but one of these days I'm going to make myself. OMG, and I hate the wind, too! We have TONS of it here in flat ol' Texas. :P I try to think of it as my own personal wind machine and the sidewalk is my runway. Puts a little more strut in my step, ya know? :)

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: thanks for always being an inspiration to try new things!