February 22, 2012

Business as Usual

Yesterday I ran around to meetings and showroom appointments in this outfit. I'm completely in love with all of these pieces because they are just so versatile! I throw this classic blazer on top of lots of things and the top is one of my fav newer blouses that I own. I last wore it with royal blue pants...a little color block feeling which I loved and as much as one needs a great pair of dark jeans, I think a pair of white jeans are critical for any wardrobe and I wear them year round.

Pieces that you can mix and match are ideal. But getting stuck in a rut of always pairing the same pieces together means you're not maximizing your wardrobe! Sometimes it's really helpful to play dress up in your own closet. I often pull tons of things out and just start trying things on that I've never worn together to see how it works.  

Here's what I'm wearing:
Blazer - Lane Bryant
Blouse - Avenue
White Jeans - Michael Kors
Shoes - Steve Madden
Necklace - Forever 21 (sorry it's hardly visible but I was rushing to snap a few pics before jetting off for work)

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  1. I am on the fence about white jeans. I like them on other people, but I am extremely clumsly and live with often muddy dogs, so they wouldn't be white for long!

    You look fab though. Very chic outfit. :)

    1. Muddy dogs and white pants are a major no no xo

  2. Looks great. I love most outfits with white pants, especially a shirt that has white in it.

  3. I just got some zebra stripe wedges that would be sick with this... I love the white pants Kellie, you never ever lose!! You look amazing!!

  4. Que linda!
    Eres realmente hermosa y fashionista!
    Te mando un beso

  5. White is kind of taboo for me. Not because I don't think I can rock it but because I have a total lack of control of my body parts (or so it seems). Wearing white is like an open invitation for any dirt smudge to apply itself to my butt or thigh. And I cannot forget the car marks on the calves when I get out of a vehicle. And of course the stains never comes out. I have a pair of white jeans that I wear very rarely under the most perfect conditions because I am so afraid of ruining them. Which I realize after typing this is really quite sad.

    You of course look dynamite. :D

  6. Lucky you. Me & white jeans do not get along. You look amazing!

  7. I'm inspired Seester. This is a really cute look. Looks great and effortless!

  8. I. LOVE. THIS. LOOK. SO. MUCH!!!!! The jeans are amazing, and the colors of the top suit you really well. Amazing, once again!