February 18, 2012

Color Me Happy

I must admit, I skipped out on a ton of Fashion Week events and shenanigans. I only went to a few things, most of them blogger focused which was actually really fun. The last event I popped in on was hosted by Ty of Gorgeous in Gray, Divas and Dorks and AT&T this past Thursday. The event seemed totally not-hectic so I wanted to check it out and of course support fellow blogger Ty who is great.

My bestie Patty and I hightailed it to Sephora for the event where we check out new products and chatted up a few fab chicks like Akua and Danielle from RapsoDani.com (pics below), then we saw Shaun (angels singing sound effect). Shaun is a makeup artist for Stila and I'm madly in love with her. From her beyond adorable look to her quiet yet very warm demeanor - j'adore. 

Patty was smart and came to the party totally scrub faced, ready to get it beat by the best. I on the other hand had on full makeup already. Below are some pics from the party and what I wore. Nothing major, pants and a top but still fun. You can also see Patty's makeup, and the lovely Shaun did my eyebrows for me which then of course made me consider kidnapping her so that she could do them everyday. I don't think I'd do very well in jail, so...I opted not to.

Brows by Shaun of Stila

Ty and I

Patty all Stila'd out by Shaun

 Danielle and Akua

Here's what I wore:
Top - Old Navy
Pants - Avenue
Booties - Black Japanese
Necklace - H&M
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Rings - Vintage, Dad's old wedding band and Street vendor in Soho

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