February 10, 2012

H&M - Operation Curvy USA

Bloggers are usually the first to hear about things...new stores, new companies, new collections. There have been faint whispers of an H&M plus size collection coming for months. I'd chatted with the PR firm before the holiday season but at that time they didn't have an exact date.

Fast forward to yesterday, Twitter is a buzz! "OMG there are plus clothes in H&M! Did anyone know?" -  Nope. It was like a mysterious airplane drop that we didn't know was coming. I have really high hopes for this new collection. The previous plus size collection of basic white tee shirts and dark pencil skirts failed because bigger girls want the exact same thing that H&M sells in straight sizes.

Brands, can you hear me? WE WANT THE SAME STUFF. Don't make it harder for yourselves, don't hire an entire new team, design all different stuff. Most of which we won't like. Just. make. the. same. stuff. up. to. size. 24. (28, 32...whatever is needed). Please and thank you. 

I spoke to H&M's pr team this morning who are fantastic because they were totally on top of getting back to me during fashion week, which...I know is cray for them. I got the press release - see below and a few images. So far so good. I do hope it will be growing exponentially soon!

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