February 3, 2012

Hashtag - #FashionWeekProblems

I've only said it like 5,000 times but I LOVE Kmart. No, seriously...I do. I've done posts and videos over the last year talking about the LYS collection for Kmart and explained how I haven't been in a Kmart since childhood but LYS has brought me back. It's the perfect "instant fashion" fix. Really cute, trendy, inexpensive. 

I believe in quality investment pieces but I also believe in good looking pieces that are fun, inexpensive and for people like me who wear things only a few times, that's perfect. So that's the LYS of it all.

Yesterday Kmart hosted a fun Pre-Fashion Week party to launch their new concierge service that solves #FashionWeekProblems. (Brillz marketing) I not only got an amazing Fashion Week Survival bag complete with coconut water, Advil, chapstick, a Tide stick, an orange (which I ate for dessert last night lol), Fiji water and countless other useful items; I also got a sneak peak at the LYS spring 2012 collection. CUTE!!!

Sarah, designer of the LYS collection was on hand and came right over to me and introduced herself. She's totally sweet and adorable. Sarah was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about LYS. (see below)

Sarah - LYS designer and I

Here's what Sarah had to say about LYS

Q: As the designer of LYS, what do you hope plus women get from this collection?

I hope people are surprised and excited. Our intent is to make it easy, comfortable, and sexy, and that’s exactly how I hope people feel wearing it. When we begin designing a season I always try to imagine WHO will be wearing our clothes; what does she do for a living, where does she live, what kind of music does she like, what does she do for fun, what inspires her? At the end of the day, I really just hope people feel empowered and good about themselves when they wear LYS. And of course, HOT.

Q: Do you see LYS filling a void in the market place?

I absolutely do. As a curvy girl myself, I know the pickins are slim out there. We were so excited to get the opportunity to start this brand because we literally got to take it somewhere I haven’t really seen other major plus retailers go. It’s young and hip, but isn’t geared towards juniors. I think there is an idea out there that plus size ladies are ashamed of their bodies or afraid of fashion, and what I love about designing this brand is that we get to say, as plus women, no, we’re not. We don’t want to wear frumpy old lady clothes, we don’t want to wear the same things as 15 year olds, we want the same choices as our friends, we want elevation, we want style, we want FASHION.

Q: Tell me a little bit about spring 2012

Spring 2012 is bright, happy, and fresh. We had two major themes that ran throughout the entire collection. The first was the 60’s mod look we were seeing everywhere. We touched on this trend with bright tops back to bright bottoms and some colour blocking. The second was sort of a 70’s love story kind of look… dustier, more muted colours, drapey dresses and wide leg trousers. We offered a little bit of everything in Spring; from vivid coloured denim and effortless, easy tops for a more relaxed look to our asymmetrical hem printed chiffon dress for special occasions. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on our Spring Festival Dress. I plan on living in it all season. You can go check it out in select stores or online beginning February 12th. I hope you love it as much as we loved designing it!

Q: As a curvy girl, is there something you are dying to create for LYS that you want to wear?

I am lucky and basically get to design my own wardrobe every season. Haha. I wear at least one LYS piece every single day, and genuinely LOVE almost all the styles we design. Because we analyze our sales regularly and work very close with our buying team, we are incredibly in tuned to what our customers are responding to and we design into that. Personally, I am in love with anything nautical any time and sometimes wish I could design an entire maritime collection, but I know that’s not our customer. ;) I also love the 60’s and the whole mod, rock & roll look… I would probably do A LOT of that.
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