February 20, 2012

Jump for My Love

Jumpers have been tip toeing onto the forefront of fashion for a few seasons, the romper, jumpers and the likes have been seen all over the place. But one of the big trends for spring is silky wide leg pants and when I saw a jumper with wide legs AND polka dots, I knew that I had to have it!

Side note: I guess that I knew many women have all sorts of opinions and fears about patterns, color, their body etc. But perhaps I didn't understand the gravity of how deep it goes and how it manifests as anger when they see another big chick wearing something that they wouldn't. Bloggers, including myself are often featured on brand pages and the comments sort of blow me away. I would say 95% positive but at times such venom. Stripes apparently make people PISSED hahaha. Well, get a load of all of these DOTS! I'm not afraid of my body, I'm not afraid to be seen, nor am I blogging for women who are angry at other fat chicks for loving fashion AND themselves. I haven't personally gotten a ton of hate but, I've certainly seen glimpses and it's so bizarre. I see things that I don't like all of the time, it just would never occur to me to go out of my way to tell someone. Weird. Just saying...

On to my fav jumper ever...(p.s. it was windy so my hair is more wild than usual!)

Here's what I'm wearing:
Blazer - Jessica London
Jumper - c/o Simply Be 
Shoes - Ciao Bella
Necklace - Don't remember sorry
Bag - Vintage stolen from Mum

The winner of the Simply Be Trench Coat is....


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