February 21, 2012

Miami on My Mind

I'm soooooooo looking forward to my upcoming trip to Miami. People always talk about things that are hard to find in plus but honestly, I think there are so many amazing brands and stores these days, you can generally find most things in plus. What I do find impossible to find is a great swimsuit. They are always so matronly...plus size clothing has come a long way but we definitely need more swimwear!

As I search the web on a daily basis for a great suit to take with me to Miami...I found these on Bonmarche' - You really do have to love the Brits. And, international shipping? Be still my heart! Here are my favorites that I found on the site. They go up to UK size 24 - That's about a US 20. Amazing right?

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  1. I love a bikini. That first one is fabulous. As is the polka halter suit. Gorgeous.

    I was discussing this with a friend recently. Plus size fashion in the last 6/7 years (while I've been fashion conscious) has grown exponentially. I mean these days you can get high end and high street, basics, trend based clothes, which I would not have believed when I was a teenager. I thought I'd be stuck in Evans old style tents for the rest of my life. Whether you follow every trend or don't even know what sports luxe means, if you're a goth or rockabilly, androgynous or super girly, you can find plus size clothes for you in store or online today!

    But there are a few areas that aren't as brilliant. Swimwear is a big one. You can get cover ups, but sexy swimwear which isn't all retro in style? Pretty rare. I think its the same for accessories. Tights, socks in larger sizes, as well as jewellery and gloves, etc.

    Sorry for the essay of a comment.

  2. It's awesome to see more options for swimsuits. All of these are super cute! :) The polka dot ones remind me of the plus size suits that are sometimes on Modcloth (they go up to 3x, I think). Loving the red and white suit the mostest! :)