March 29, 2012

Oh Baybee Blue!

Now that I've freed myself from black reign, I find myself gravitating toward a few specific colors. This bright blue in particular. I often hear people say oh I "can't" wear this color or that and honestly for the most part in my opinion they are wrong. Yes, there are some colors on certain complexions that don't work, perhaps it's just the style of the item the amount of the color or how you wear it. 

I say, try it on! Before you swear off a color, try it on to know for sure. Try it in different ways or if you really like it and it doesn't work for you, try it in an accessory like a bag or shoes. Today I'm swimming in blue and I looooove it.

Here's what I'm wearing:
Jacket - Avenue
Top - ASOS Curve (get it here)
Skirt - Alloy (similar here)
Shoes - Dolce Vita via Barefoot Tess
Necklace - H&M (similar here,  here and here)
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