April 24, 2012

Effing Brillz!!!

I just learned from Fashionista.com (full article here) about this beyond amazing promo video created to announce the new face of Maybeline - Charlotte Free. I had to post this because as a marketing/pr person, I was literally twitching with glee at the brilliance of this ad. Social media marketing at it's finest peeps! OB.SESSED!!!

"P’Trique, fashion’s new favorite confidante, stars in a new video with his bestie, model Charlotte Free (she of the famous pink locks). She has a secret to tell him about her new gig with Maybelline–and we are excited to be bringing this news to you exclusively.
Watch as P’Trique tells practically everyone in fashion (“John Jannuzzi, I’ve got some newsy!”) Charlotte’s news which is supposed to be secret (“hashtag top chic-ret”) until now. And extra points if you can accurately identify every fashion insider-y person who appears in this video. (Hint: When we say “everyone in fashion” we kinda mean it–from Jill Zarin to Derek Blasberg, the gang’s all there.)"
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