April 29, 2012

Puppy Love

Happy Sunday! I've decided this is the year of the short (for me at least) and have been amassing a collection of shorts that I love and I can't wait for the full on NYC warm up. Do you ever focus on a signature piece and OD on it for a season?

Here's what I'm wearing:
Blazer - Lane Bryant
Sweater - INC for Macy's
Shorts - Old Navy
Booties - Faryl Robin
Shades - Rayban

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  1. Cute, I lvoe how there are more plus size women being creative with their clothing now more then ever before!

  2. Love this! Love your hair like this too! x

  3. Love the shorts and the T-Shirt. Cool outfit.


  4. Love the shorts and blazer combo - I usually go really casual with my look when I wear shorts, but this has made me want to wear them in a totally different way!

  5. Oh my God I own something chic. I have two pairs of those shorts they are the best. Now I need to find some cool way to rock them.