May 28, 2012

Baby Blue

Sometimes you just have to have fun. This outfit is a huge nod to some of my 1990's fashion fantasies when every girl on the planet was inspired in some way by the movie Clueless.

Blogging is such a fantastic excuse to be experimental with outfits, either trying new things or revisiting fashion moments from the past. I think it's really important to step outside of self or, your "current" self and to have fun with fashion. A few weeks ago before I got this dress, if you asked me if I'd want/wear a baby doll-esque mod inspired dress, I'd probably say "umm, no". But, I saw it...tried it and LOVE it.

Here's what I'm wearing:
Dress - c/o LovedRobe (UK)
Shoes - Jeffery Campbell
Bag - Jessica Simpson
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