May 18, 2012

Evan's Clements Ribeiro Preview

Mega UK Retailer Evans teamed up with Nicolette Mason to host a fab breakfast and preview of upcoming pieces for and the fall Clements Ribeiro collection. The Evans' team, Nicolette and a few bloggers including Christina Brown, Marie Denee, Gabi Gregg, stylist Ashley Falcon and myself met at The Smith early this AM for breakfast. We then jetted over to the Kimpton Hotel to check out and try on some clothes.

Well...I should say, I watched the other girls play dress up. I was completely enjoying seeing the pieces on the different bodies and since I was feeling lazy and wasn't in the mood to change clothes...watching was just fine. Marie and Nicolette tried on most of the things I wanted to see anyways :)

The new pieces coming up on in the next few weeks are really great. Bright colors, fabulous prints, we basically loved everything.

The Clements Ribeiro fall collection is stellar. Beautiful blouses with lace insets, prints galore- incredible printed pants and dresses. It's really the perfect combination of chic and whimsical. Again, we wanted everything. Evans was generous enough to include a beyond fabulous Clements Ribeiro printed scarf in the gift bag which, you will no doubt be seeing tied around my head or some other part of my body very soon!

 Me, Nicolette, Gabi, Ashley, Marie

Here's what I'm wearing:
Top - Forever 21
Dress - Anne Klein (2010)
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