May 20, 2012

A Little Rhi Rhi for Me, Me!

A few months ago I saw a picture of Rhianna in a pair of Alexander Wang shorts (below) that literally left me gasping for air. Which was followed by that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that those shorts will never be mine. Followed by a further disturbing feeling that 99.9% of brands and retailers that cater to plus sizes are convinced that we only want to wear board shorts (gag).

So I started thinking, where have I seen shorts with a similar sport silhouette in my size? Hmm...Nike has plus size running shorts, let me look there...nope. The prints are no bueno and there's a Nike swoosh on them. "Keep thinking Kellie!!" said the voice in my head.

AHH!! Those random "beach" shorts that are always under the swim cover up categories on plus size swimwear sites!! Hmm...searching, searching, searching! EUREKA!!!!! Old Navy, black and white stripes (a fav!) check, perfect silhouette - check! The color blocking on the Wang shorts is obvi brilliant but I loved these as an option to get the look! Purchase - perfection. I had to wait a few weeks until it was warm enough to wear them. This weekend was the perfect time!



Here's what I'm wearing:
Jacket - Lane Bryant
Tee - Old Navy
Shorts - Old Navy
Boots - Jeffery Campbell
Shades - Valentino (2010)
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