June 2, 2012

Leather Babe

Will I ever tire of black leather? Hmm, nope! I've even managed to work it into my spring and summer wardrobe which brings me such joy. I'm always on the hunt for interesting leather pieces. Unique details or silhouettes...so the laser cut hem on this amazing skirt from 17 Sundays kind of blew my mind.

Though I order a lot of my wardrobe from online (like every other fat girl with fashion fancy), there are few places where you can always count on amazing quality as pieces even from the same stores tend to vary. When this skirt arrived, I was floored at the quality of the leather, it's supple, soft and the constructions is beyond! In my head I was like "seriously?? WOW" - so happy with it. 

Happy weekend!

 Photog asked for a kiss :)

Here's what I'm wearing:
Top - ASOS Curve (2010)
Skirt - c/o 17 Sundays
Leather Earrings - 125th Street African Vendor
Ring - H&M
Bracelets - Tiffany and Avenue (old)
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes - Avenue

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