July 1, 2012

"1 and a 2 and...3 Get those knees up!!"

WARNING: I'm feeling chatty...this post is longer than usual.

It's been said before, and I'll say it again. Not every fat girl is a lazy sloth. Some of us like working out, love it actually. Shocker, right? No! Though I'm no gym rat, on average I work out a minimum of twice a week. Swimming is my absolute favorite thing to do but the elliptical, lifting weights and personal training have done me well in life.

We all have our struggles. I've never been small, ever. But, I was always super active. Swim team, tennis, dancing, camps etc. growing up. My mom put me in everything, probably in an effort to combat my large childness bodyishness. But, I was never a traditional gym person. I joined one in 2007 after gaining a ton a weight the first time I had a really bad knee injury from a fall. I lost a bunch of weight it was amazing (still big but perfect for me). Then boom, again...January 2011 an even worse knee injury (same knee yikes!) and the weight is back. I couldn't work out for most of 2011 but I'm back at it and slow and steady. 

//P.S. (Public Service Announcement) - there is a really bizarre mantra out there that when plus bloggers talk about losing weight or working out they are sort of abandoning the plus world or that it is contrary to the "love yourself as you are" speak that most of us have. Bullshit. Love yourself at a 22, 18 or an 8. And loving yourself does include not dying from a cookie overdose. Make whatever life changes that YOU want. Don't judge less ye be judged.//

All of that personal stuff to say, I work out and guess what? My gym clothes make me SOOOO SAD! I've taken to wearing knee length athletic tights (I bought every color available) and v-neck tees (also in every color I could find). I mix and match them but they are still awful and sad. Sorry Nike and Rebook - your plus gym clothes are just as boring.

Enter Cult of California - Umm...BRILLIANT. Gym clothes I literally want to mix into my regular wardrobe! The kind of fun, fashionable and innovative design that you see in straight size athletic apparel, if not better?! Be still my beating heart! The site just launched, they had what looked to be a pretty fun launch party in Cali with Plus Model Magazine. Essentially, I need everything. The collection comes in sizes 8/10 - 30/32. I LOVE when brands include a range including our smaller curvy girls and our larger plus size girls. Visit www.cultofca.com to purchase.

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