July 16, 2012

"Clothes Men Think Are Sexy" - Plus edition

Cosmopolitan Magazine just did a story on "Clothes Men Think Are Sexy" (full story here) and I was pretty amused. It's always interesting to hear directly from men what they find sexy. It's been my experience that what they find sexy isn't aways what we as women find sexy.

So, they of course did a cute product round up of clothes illustrating the pieces guys think are hot and I figured, hey...it'd be really fun to show these same ideas in plus. Here are my suggestions:

ROMPERS - From Cosmo: "I like when girls don't try too hard to look good; to me, rompers look simple but are still cute." — Anthony C." -- ASOS Curve

Sweats - From Cosmo: "Any girl can show a lot of skin or wear tight clothes. I love when she can make sweats sexy." — Dave M. -- Sears

Mini Skirt/Dress -From Cosmo: "Seeing some leg is super-sexy—plus tight mini skirts accentuate a girl's butt, which is always a good thing." — Nathan H. -- SAKS

Skinny Jeans -From Cosmo: "On nights out, I generally prefer to see a woman in tight jeans, since they show off her curves and accentuate her assets." — Max F. -- Eloquii

Off Shoulder Top- From Cosmo:  "I like this kind of shirt because it shows off a woman's shoulder and a bit of her back, which is just so damn sexy." — Christian W. -- Anne Klein

Flats - From Cosmo: "When a women wears flats more so than heels, it shows they're not completely beauty obsessed and are comfortable with themselves. Plus, it's always nice when you can actually get a gauge on their height—in heels that's impossible." — Teke W -- Cole Haan

Sundress- From Cosmo: "I like when girls wear sundresses, since they're simple, yet naturally sexy-looking." — Brian S. -- Johnny Was

Black workout tights- From Cosmo: "When women wear tight black workout pants to the gym it's a total turn on. They make any girl's butt and legs look instantly better." — Andrew C. -- Cult of California

Shorts and Heels - From Cosmo "I'm a big fan of short shorts with heels. When a girl can make something basic like short shorts, heels, and a tank top look sexy and sophisticated, there's really nothing better." — Nick R. -- Old Navy

Wedges - From Cosmo: "I like how wedges and heels elongate a woman's legs and highlight the muscles that you wouldn't normally see if she was wearing flats. To me, that's so sexy." — Nick H. -- Top Shop

Lace Bra and Tank Top - From Cosmo: "I love when a woman looks casually sexy. For example, when she wears a bright lace bra that peeks out of a white tank top on the sides and in the back." — Sam H. -- Evansusa.com

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