July 19, 2012

Cult of Cali in the F L E S H

When I first got my Cult of Cali outfit in the mail to review I was SO excited that I put it on and put a pic up on Facebook of me standing in the mirror rocking my goods. However, it was night time, I have very dim lights in my living room and non of the details of the outfit came through. I got a bunch of requests to take more pics and here they are.

This was NOT easy. I didn't have anybody on hand to shoot these pics and I have no tripod so...I had to do it old school and just take the pics with my laptop. Which means pressing the button and running far enough away from the screen to get full body pics lol. I did my best to capture things up close so that you can see the details.

All in all, I LOVE this stuff. It's of great quality and obviously the design is fantastic. I will say that the bra top isn't perfect for me. I'm busty...(duh) lol and I could have used like an inch more of boobie coverage if I wanted to actually be jumping up and down in this. Also the straps are too big for me and there's no way to tighten them. Other than that...I'm in love. The pants fit like a glove and the moto jacket is totally being worn outside of the gym!

Everything from www.cultofca.com 
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