July 10, 2012

Now! or...NAKED!

I saw the twitter buzz on this new campaign from international online retailer Navabi and my knee jerk response was, "wow...about time".

Fans of Peta would rather go naked than wear fur and perhaps fashionable fat girls would rather go naked than be forced into boot cut khaki pants. I find the politics around fat fashion mostly disturbing. Retailers who create plus size collections but don't want to promote or publicize that fact. Those who do and are only willing to dress a 55 year old woman who would prefer blah colored basics and the small yet growing number of designers who are making real fashion in sizes 14+ are faced with idiotic questions like "are you promoting obesity", really? So straight size women would want to gain weight in order to fit these clothes? Umm no. Or, if you are bigger than a 14+ you don't deserve nice clothes?

Anyhoo - I think this campaign thumbs it's nose at the idea that only deserving people for fab frock are slim. Check out the video...a few pictures are also below! A full statement from Navabi is here.

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