July 23, 2012

White, more white

I realize that no matter what I pair these spiked Litas with, they make everything kind of naughty. Actually the sweeter the outfit, the more naughty it looks with the Litas. - Just a random thought...

Anyhoo - I love stumbling into a store that I might not have in my regular rotation and discovering something that I love. This shirt? (I wore it as a dress, not sure what it is)...jumped off the rack into my arms and I had to have it. The dress? has this sheen to it which, in person felt sort of like something you could wear at night. I'm not usually a fan of shiny fabric but for some reason, this just worked for me. Love the shape and instantly thought of quite a few way I'd like to wear it. I sooo love a great find!

Dress -  Ashley Stewart (get it here)
Around my neck - Necklace tucked under collar (Street vendor) / brooch via Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Shoes - Jeffery Campbell Spiked Litas (get them here)
Lipstick - Black Opal, Tropica
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