August 11, 2012

Hanging in Ha'lem

Saturday night was girls night which is always a hoot (lol hoot)... We went to one of my fav local spots for good eats and delicious, really effective drinks. Feeling a bit tomboyish, I wasn't in the mood for anything feminine or frilly so I reached for this leo print tube jumper and my high top Nikes. 

I really need to learn my neighborhood better...I always to go the same places over and over. I think a little more exploration is in order! When you're keeping in local and not in the mood for a dress and heels, what do you wear?

P.S. - Someone recently asked me if I'm "over leo" and I'm all..."umm NOOO!" Clearly I haven't been wearing it enough on the blog...

Here's what I'm wearing:
Denim top - OneStopPlus
Jumper - 125th Steet (2011)
Nikes - Via Nordstrom Rack (2010)
Bag - ASOS (similar)

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