August 1, 2012

Printed Denim

I'm a huge fan of denim, I love it almost as much as I love leather (almost...) and this month is Plus Model Magazine's Denim Issue. When Editor and Chief, Madeline Jones asked if I wanted to show their readers my take on what's hot right now in denim of course I said, heck yeah!

One of my favorite things going on right now in denim is prints! I mean really, I love prints any way I can get them but printed denim? *Swoon*

It was the perfect time to whip out my new heart printed denim skirt from Domino Dollhouse. You can't always count on the plus size mass retailers for unique pieces. There are a few (Simply Be, ASOS, etc.) that stay really current as far as trends are concerned but the ever growing number of indie plus brands including Domino Dollhouse are really tapping into what's hot now!

This skater skirt is beyond perfect. 1. it's black denim, so hot right now. 2. there are little white printed hearts on it 3. What is is there to say? THERE ARE WHITE PRINTED HEARTS ON IT!

Check out the Plus Model Magazine Denim issue here. A few pics below:

A few extra pics of my outfit including closeups...

Here's what I'm wearing:
Blouse - LYS for Kmart
Skirt - Domino Dollhouse
Bag - Vintage Coach
Boots - Jeffery Campbell
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