August 29, 2012

Short Hair, Don't Care...right?

...I don't care, right??? (Deep breath) So, I cut all of my hair off. Like, all! About 4 months ago to be exact. Let's start with this, I am NOT a short hair girl. My reason for lopping it off is quite personal, I mean I guess if I know you in real life and you ask I might say but I don't really want to get into it here. Let's just say, to God be the glory. 

Anyhoo...OMG GUYS! I HAVE SHORT HAIR! I'm always talking about love yourself now, no matter what. And I'm taking my own advice. I reaaaaally couldn't get used to myself with short hair but why not? Social conventions? Is my face too round? blah blah blah! I did everything I could to cover it up...and I'm kind of sick of that and need a BREAK! So here it is. I haven't actually had a hair cut to make a style, this is just how it's grown in. I'm sure if I threw some product up in it, I could get it looking pretty spiffy.

Today I just have the Optimum Miracle Creme that I got at the launch of the Miracle Oil collection last week. I must say, it's quite miraculous. My hair is super soft so I don't really like lotions and potions in it, it makes my hair greasy. But I love this stuff! I feel the moisture but not oily yucky.

There you have it. Kellie has short hair (for now). It grows fast thank

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