August 10, 2012

Simply Be-coming My New Daily Obsession

It's no secret that I LOVE Simply Be and that they have some of the best plus size clothing around. Every time I go onto Simply Be's website there is something else that I NEED in my life. I'm going to need them to just go ahead and open an brick and mortar in NYC because then I could go in there every single week and leave with my goodies in tow. I know, I know...ordering line is easy but sometimes I'm just an immediate gratification kind of girl.

So today I got an email about what's new and was totally pumped because it hit a few of the major marks for fall that will be joining the happy love fest that is my closet(s).

1. Floral prints, big surprise right? But I love the florals to pop up in expected ways like this great dress where the floral is mixed with another print and comes down the side of the body and these fun cropped pants.

2. Obviously the love of my life, leather will be in the mix of my fall wardrobe. I absolutely love the shape of this skirt!

3. Cool printed teeshirts. Old school bands, vintage concert tees, graphic prints of all kinds like this amazing tee below are making a big come back in my heart space.

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