August 7, 2012

Smartie Pants

Totally impromptu OOTD but you guys regularly ask me to post my every day//running around outfits and so I oblige :) No, I don't "dress up" every single day...This is me on my way to the office. Pictures via iPhone.

I don't have a conventional job so, my "work clothes" are way left of conventional. I don't really have "work clothes", nor do I want them lol. When I do need to look professional, my aim is cool and polished. just chill. 

P.S. my go to work accessory these days is my Rebecca Minkoff laptop bag. It's black, blue, has stripes and a great shoulder strap. It's perfection.

Tee- Old
Leather Shorts- Old
Red bag - Alexander Wang
Laptop bag - Rebecca Minkoff (Another laptop bag that I love here)
Shades are Valentino 2010
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