August 19, 2012

The Best $3.98 I've spent

I've been talking about thrifting a lot lately because, well...I think that I'm addicted. You know that Corrinn from The Fuller Figure (her site actually launched a shop of things she's curated today) took me on my first go around inYEARS. 

I literally hadn't gone thrifting in ages but since then I've gone about 3 times in the last month or so. This shirt/dress/thingie was found on a recent trip in Philly. (Now going home to visit my parents and sis include mandatory trips to the thrift stores in the area by their houses.) All it required was a run through the laundry, ironed it and voila - ready to wear!

Plus size tip when thrifting, NEVER go by the size...this is one size fits all. But I have scored amazing things with no size listed, size 8, 14, etc. If you like the way it looks, pick it up and try it on.

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