September 7, 2012

And So It Begins...

Fashion Week has arrived and for the first time in a few seasons I'm delving into the madness. I think everybody needs a break here and there - well, most people...but I'm back and I must say, the start has been great fun. Day 1 began with a Blogger Breakfast hosted by Dark & Lovely on behalf of Harlem's Fashion Row. It wasn't so much a breakfast as a panel discussion but all and all a nice event. I saw lots of familiar faces and also met Afrobella, a blogger who's content I really like and hadn't had a chance to meet yet so that was cool. I also saw my namesake Kelly Brown, who I completely adore.

Whenever you get 2 Kellie/Y Brown's in a room, the shenanigans are sure to ensue. Our big personalities needed more space so we took a mini break outside to take pics. Kelly is a mean mean girl (wink) so she decided to make me laugh hysterically the entire time, so most of the pics look kind of insane but I managed to pull it together for a few.

Afterwords I headed to the tents for shows...I'll toss up a few pics from the day on Facebook and there are quite a few on Instagram. Are you following me - ItsMeKellieB? What are you waiting for? :)

Since the weather was sort of vile and extremely sticky humid, I knew that I wanted to wear a dress or skirt so I went straight for this faux leather skirt from Simply Be. You know how much I love florals but what I love most about this blouse is that it also plays into the "opulent Orient" trend. It's a little big, so I tucked it in as tight as I could but I make actually get it taken in because the shape is a really great swing style. Added a spiky necklace at the collar and my cutout leo oxfords. 

Beauty Buzz - I washed my hair a few days ago and added my Optimum Miracle Oil Lotion, let it dry  then I shake it loose which had it pretty stretched out like this Facebook photo I posted but, it's SO humid my curls just go crazy and turn into this...

Pics c/o Masque Mag PS How sick is Kelly's outfit. Those pants??? Seriously, L O V E!

Here's what I'm wearing:
Blouse - Evans (get it here. Not plus? try this, or this)
Skirt - SimplyBe (get it here. Not plus? try this faux skirt or this real one)
Oxfords - BFT (Other leo oxfords that I love here and here)
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