September 1, 2012

Fall Obsessions

I've been thinking about fall fashion for the last month of so and have begun my fall shopping. I'm trying not to lean into my usual habits and just OD on everything I want. Instead, I've been going through my closet and really thinking about things that are missing (not a heck of a lot - I kind of have everything and then some) and I'm also thinking about some of the "new" fall trends that I want to incorporate.

I'm going to do a few of these Fall Obsessions posts because this fall 2012 season is just damn delicious! Soooo many amazing things I've seen and quite a few trends that I'm dying to take on. What have you seen that tickles your fancy?? Here are a few of mine!

Pants! That's not new right? Well - these kind of are...there are so many fresh takes on denim like these coated jeans from 17 Sundays that look so sexy! Zippers, just goes on and on. Denim has just taken a turn to interestingville.

You may not remember me discussing this but I went through a "I HATE ALL SWEATERS" phase 2 years ago and last fall/winter, had a complete change of heart and decided I was wrong and now of course, love sweaters! (Typical Kellie...) These aren't your grandma's sweaters (though, those could actually be really cute too) - here are a few of my fav young, fresh sweaters that I need, immediately.

Side bar - I'm obsessed with all things heart right now. SO cute.

I'm the ultimate leather babe. And not just your typical leather jacket, give me dresses, shorts, skirts...I want it all! This is always a convenient trend for me, since I'm going to wear leather pieces year round whether says so or not. How can one not love leather? Even pieces with little bits of leather injected into them like this perfection from Lafayette 148 with leather pockets or this DKNY dress with a leather bodice and lace skirt.

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