September 28, 2012

I'll Have Nun of That's a pun. If you've read my blog more than say, twice... you know that I love me a sack dress. I think that it's a silhouette that scares a lot of bigger gals but for me, it's kinda flawless. It's not just the ease of the sack dress or the comfort, there's something in thumbing my nose to social conventions that dictate that I should cinch my waste that just gives me the cheekiest kind of joy (hence - "I'll Have Nun of That". (p.s. they look amazing)

Re the "nun" pun (giggle) - this dress really does remind me of Sister Mary Clarence, or her wicked sister that stole this car and from the rectory and headed off to Manhattan. Where, obviously she found a pair of spiked Litas after mixing with the "wrong" crowd.

Some of you are fascinated with my hair which is super flattering and a teeny bit odd (haha, I kid...I kid) but I wanted to make sure that I had a daylight, detail friendly shot for those of you who care. This is the fro after being washed about 2 days ago. I slathered on some of my Moroccan Oil scored in my Gen Art gift bag. I will say that when my hair is clean my curls are way too perfect for me so when it's drying and still damp I comb them out with my fingers and if it's still too spirally I mess them up with a brush. I love it this way. When they start re-spiraling after a shower I mess it up again and put the blow dryer on cold so that it stays up. Et Voila!

Here's what I'm wearing:
Dress - c/o Loved Robe (brand can be found at also)
Ring - Street vendor in Soho
Boots - Jeffery Campbell (get them here)
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