October 14, 2012

Good Gone Bad

I first sported a peplum top on my blog back in March in this Positively Peplum post and since that moment, I knew that it was/is a shape that I absolutely love and that when it inevitably makes it onto the "don't" list for trends in a future season, I probably won't completely abandon it. It's just too good. 

I've never been one to be a slave to trends (ok, ok sometimes) but some just make damn good sense...like the peplum, the most perfect of all silhouettes for all humans. And, of course...oxblood. My Grandmother might call this burgundy but hell let's have fun and lean into the madness and call it oxblood. Not exactly sure which fashion leader slain said ox and let his dried blood inspire them but all I have to say is, thank you.

Obviously both of these trends look amazing with leather, as does everything else in life. And so here it is...

 There's the truth....

And then there's the truth

Here's what I'm wearing:
Top - ASOS Curve (get it here)
Leather Pants (which I cut to make ankle pants) - Anna Scholz via Simply Be (similar here and here)
Necklace - Street Vendor NYC
Bag - Carolina Herrera (2007?)
Good Girl/Bad Girl Ring - Shameless Jewelry (Good Girls try this | Bad Girls try this)
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