November 21, 2012

(designer preview) Domino Dollhouse Rocks My Socks

Tracy Broxterman's label Domino Dollhouse (you may have seen her on hit show All On the Line with Joe Zee, you may have also seen a screen shot of my blog featured in the show as well) is so necessary. A line created by and for a plus size woman that thumbs her chin at the hand full of pieces that the fashion industry has deemed appropriate for curvy/plus woman to wear. 

We certainly shouldn't be allowed to wear sheer blouses and printed leggings right? WRONG. The new winter collection is called Astralnauts and my lasting desire for galaxy print pieces and a leopard print moto jacket have been met! {angels singing}

Have a look see:

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  1. man, i have been waitin for some damn plus size galaxy tights 4ever! Im so glad someone thought 'hey maybe some big chickz would like this'- AHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!thanks to you i know who to hit up 4 a pair.

  2. I'm at a loss for words over that leopard print jacket. I. Must. Have. It!

  3. Thanks SO much Kellie!!! Glad you are loving it =)

  4. i love domino dollhouse! stuff is always so fab!

  5. GOTTDAMN, I DAMN NEAR BUST!!!!! the galactic print... oh my goodness... *swoon* I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING... ANYTHING!!!