November 15, 2012

(outfit of the day) Long Leather Jacket

I'm still in full compliance with my personal challenge. If you missed the original post, I spent the first half of this month going through all of my closets, drawers, every nook and cranny in order to be fully organized, pull out things to donate, sell, etc. (I'll show you guys my progress soon.)

I didn't put a number on my challenge because obviously I'll wear new things but I want this to be a lasting mindset. "Once you wear something Kellie, you don't suddenly become allergic to it." And now, what I'm wearing...

I found this amazing full length leather on the closing night party of Re-dress. It was 90% off, so essentially it was free. Yay me! haha I love the idea of short body con skirts and dresses layered under long coats. 

Total sidebar: When I was growing up, I'd get dressed and be all excited to show off my outfit to my mommy, she'd always say..."you look great, now push your sleeves up". I'd freak out like "OMG Mother, no!" What was with this sleeve pushing obsession of hers? As with most things in life, I'm now obsessed with things she tried to make me do as a teenager and hated. I can't stop pushing my sleeves up. All of them. I'm afraid for my forearms this winter.

Coat: ReDress, Skirt: Forever21, Necklaces: Vintage/Soho, Bag: Alexander Wang, Ring: Alexis Bittar, Lip: Revlon Color Stay

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